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Apúntate al curso 'Economic evaluation of healthcare intervention, programmes and complex health system interventions'. Interesante programa en la XXVI Escuela de Salud Pública de Menorca

En Llatzeret de Maó, Menorca,  22-25 september 2015

Más información: www.emsp.cime.es/Contingut.aspx?IDpub=4864

Programa: www.emsp.cime.es/WebEditor/Pagines/file/Economic%20evalutation%20of%20healthcare%20interventions.pdf


Instituciones organizadoras: Department of Applied Health Research (DAHR). University College London

Objetivos: Decision-makers’ demands for information on the cost-effectiveness of health technologies and new interventions and policies have become more extensive and more sophisticated. This course deals with advanced methods in cost-effectiveness analysis for health care interventions, policies and other health care technologies. It is structured around the analytical steps required to develop economic analyses to inform decision makers such as reimbursement agencies, hospital managers and formulary committees. It is focused particularly on the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) methods guidance for cost-effectiveness analysis. In addition to presentations, the workshop includes a series of exercises and case studies focusing on the development and analysis of a decision model.

Asistentes: This course is targeted at those interested in having a deep understanding of the key issues in the methodology and practice of economic evaluation in the context of evaluation of new services and interventions as well as evaluation of programmes and complex health systems policies.

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