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3-5 November 2014. Bayesian methods in health economics Course in University College London.

Bayesian methods in health economics: 3 day course. 3-5 November 2014. University College London 

This course is intended to provide an introduction to Bayesian analysis and MCMC methods using R and MCMC sampling software (such as OpenBUGS and JAGS), as applied to cost-effectiveness analysis and typical models used in health economic evaluations. The course is designed for health economists, statisticians, and decision modellers interested in the practice of Bayesian modelling and will be based on a mixture of lectures and computer practicals, although the emphasis will be on examples of applied analysis: software and code to carry out the analyses will be provided. Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops for the practicals. We shall assume a basic knowledge of standard methods in health economics and some familiarity with a range of probability distributions, regression analysis, Markov models and random-effects meta-analysis. However, statistical concepts are reviewed in the context of applied health economic evaluations in the lectures. The registration fee include a copy of Bayesian methods in health economics and a copy of The BUGS book, on which the course is based.


FULL DETAILS and registration, available from http://www.statistica.it/gianluca/bayes-hecourse

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